How To Be Happy At Work

Have you ever felt confused, overwhelmed, and generally sick to your stomach when dealing with your co-workers or bosses and the general negativity in the workplace?

You're not alone.

This guide to workplace politics makes dealing with stressful work situations and difficult people painless, straightforward, and anxiety-free.

This e-book will help you:
· Understand HOW to deal with negative personality types at work.
· Learn HOW to overcome common work problems.
· Know WHEN to stay and WHEN to quit your job.
· And much more!

Author and self-proclaimed working stiff for over 20 years, Gayle Katz takes the stress, drama, and mystery out of resolving workplace conflict by breaking down the personality types, specific situations, and company problems that leave employees feeling as though they're helpless and unable to take charge of the difficult issues that inevitably arise at work.

Gayle has boiled down approaches to those tense situations into simple, achievable, and practical techniques that anyone can learn.

Offering concrete examples from her own experiences, this guide puts Gayle's workplace communication skills, tools, and methods into your hands, empowering you to speak your mind, work smarter, and live better.

Plus, get an exclusive invite to download Gayle’s FREE toxic work checklist!

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