Job Search Depression: 5 Ways to Prevent It or Recover From It

Job Search Depression: 5 Ways to Prevent It or Recover From It


Woman experiencing job search depression

If you’re reading this article, you might be suffering from job search depression. If that’s an accurate assessment, I know how you feel.

Right now you’re at a job you don’t like, you’re underemployed and need another one to pay the bills, or you’re unemployed and searching for your next gig.

Maybe you’ve sent out resumes and cover letters like crazy or you’re selective on where you apply and nothing is happening no matter what you do and, let’s face it – you’re uneasy or maybe you’re depressed.

First of all, I hear you loud and clear and, believe it or not, I’ve been where you are right now on more than one occasion. It’s not easy, but you can pick yourself up, make some changes, and take control of your life.


How can you get the job search depression monkey off your back?


#1 – Treat unemployment like a regular workday

Just like when I was working, I woke up at my normal time, showered, got dressed, and searched for jobs. I set a goal to apply for 3 qualified jobs per week.

This works especially if you’re underemployed or completely unemployed and your schedule is flexible.


#2 – Anticipate the no’s

I struggled with this one, but I finally realized that I’m not my job search. I’m more than just a resume and cover letter so I stopped taking the rejection personally.

What I’ve learned is that most companies and organizations won’t respond to your resume unless they think you’re a fit for the job. And what they think is qualified is pretty subjective so don’t feel bad or let yourself feel insignificant if you’re not getting a response.

These companies you’re applying to don’t know the real you.


#3 – Fulfill a dream

No matter what anyone else says, there’s no glamour or glory in searching for a job. Because searching for a job isn’t fun, use your new-found free time wisely. For example, I’m writing books and getting published, which is something I always wanted to do.

With this in mind, think about your dreams and aspirations. What do you want to do? Focus on that when you’re not job searching so you not only have an answer to the question, “What have you been doing?” but also you’re taking the time to chase down your dream.


#4 – Have confidence

I never stopped believing in myself. If I didn’t believe in myself, I knew it would come across in interviews, no one else would believe in me either, and I wouldn’t get the job.

Believe it or not, you can’t really fake enthusiasm. People can tell you’re not being authentic. When you’re job searching, confidence will surely follow if you’re practicing points 1, 2, and 3 above.


#5 – Expect uncertainty

Whether you’ve been in between jobs before or this happens to be the first time you’re searching for a job, you’ll sometimes feel uncertain about your future and that’s okay. That’s life.

Even if you had a job right now, nothing is certain.

In conclusion, the goal of this article is to simply share some of the strategies I’ve used to successfully beat the job search depression monster. My hope is that by learning from my experiences, you can minimize your down time, maximize your free time, and put your best foot forward.

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