No Motivation? 9 Ways to Get Your Groove Back in 20 Minutes or Less

No Motivation? 9 Ways to Get Your Groove Back in 20 Minutes or Less

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Sometimes you pop out of bed like toast, right? You got enough sleep or you’re excited about what’s planned for the day. These are the days I love because I feel productive and engaged.

On the other hand, there are other days when it’s tough to even fall out of bed. Maybe you didn’t get enough restful sleep, you ate something that disagreed with you, or you’re just lacking motivation. I know I’ve felt this way. How about you? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t even make it to the starting line let alone even think about the finish?

How do you get past your sluggishness? Or do you just drag yourself through your day? I’m not judging, but just slogging through your day, while it might be effective, won’t get you charged up and you’ll be counting the minutes until your day is over. That’s what a lack of motivation can do. I know. I’ve done it.

Instead of watching the clock click the seconds away, try something else to get yourself motivated and ready to tackle your day.

Here are the 9 ways I motivate myself into getting my day started, even if I’m not in the mood.

#1 – Play some upbeat music

What music do you listen to in the morning? If you’re not listening to anything, I have to ask, why not? Music is a perfect way to put a spring in your step and get you moving.


#2 – Eat a tasty breakfast

Are you eating a boring bagel or gloppy oatmeal for breakfast? Add some spice to your morning by dressing up your breakfast. There’s no better motivation than looking forward to eating something yummy for breakfast!

Drop some berries in your oatmeal. Put an egg on your bagel. Make your own breakfast burrito by quickly scrambling an egg, microwaving some bacon, turkey bacon, or vegan bacon, and wrapping it all up in a small whole wheat tortilla. Yum!


#3 – Have a talk with yourself

Sit down and ask yourself why you think you’re feeling sluggish today. Be honest with yourself and see if you can determine the real reason for your lethargy.

If you’re pressed for time, you can multitask by sitting on the toilet at the same time. Hey! Whatever works, right?


#4 – Go outside

There’s nothing better than going outside and getting some fresh air. Sometimes that’s all I need to reinvigorate myself.


#5 – Do something different

Have you fallen into a boring routine? Routines can be good, but if you’re bored, shake it up. Instead of coffee, drink a large glass of water or opt for a healthier green tea. Go for a morning walk before you head off to work instead of sleeping to the very last minute. Doing something different may give you the motivation you need.

George Costanza (from the hit TV show Seinfeld) hit the nail on the head when he decided to change his life by doing the opposite. That’s definitely different, right?


#6 – Take a nap

If you’re just really tired, you should make sure you get enough sleep in order to function properly. Go ahead and take a 20-minute power nap so you wake up rested. However, if a nap isn’t in the cards for you, make sure to go to sleep at a decent hour when you get home.


#7 – Create a to-do list

Planning your tomorrow tonight is a great way of waking up with a plan and a purpose. You already know what you need to accomplish and that’s half the battle.

Your to-do list doesn’t need to be anything crazy – just grab a pad of paper or start a list on your phone with a free little app, such as ColorNote.


#8 – Exercise

Don’t be afraid of exercise. I’m not talking about jumping around and doing crazy lunges or anything, unless you’re into that type of exercise, which is also fine.

I’m talking about stretching in the morning so you feel less stiff. Getting started with yoga is a great first step. Moving the body, even if it’s low impact can make all the difference in the world.


#9 – Hop in the shower

If you take hot showers, try a cooler one. I can tell you from first hand experience that it makes your skin less itchy and makes your hair a little shinier. Plus there’s something about a cooler shower that gets your blood pumping. Don’t go freezing cold to start like some athletes do, build up to it if it’s something you want to try.


Get Your Motivation Back!

Just so you know, I’ve used each of these techniques to get myself moving and pumped for the day and each of them works like a charm. You have to be serious about it though. Really focus on what you’re trying to do. They won’t work if you think they won’t work.

So, which ones are you going to try? I really want to know if these are helpful. Go ahead and share your motivation challenges in the comments section below.

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