Childfree? Motherhood? You’re a Woman Either Way

Childfree? Motherhood? You’re a Woman Either Way


Whether to take on the challenge of motherhood or go childfree is a big decision. Scratch that. It’s the biggest decision of your life.

When I was younger my mom always told me, “When you grow up, you’ll get married and have a beautiful little girl just like I had.” Despite my mom repeating those words like a broken record for decades, I never felt passionate about having kids. I didn’t sweat it too much though.


Deciding whether or not to have a baby was something I would deal with later.


Honestly? I thought my feelings toward having kids would change as I got older or when found a good man to share my life with.

Well, when I got married to the man of my dreams in my late 30s, decision-time was upon me, well, us. Every time we would visit with either of our parents, the talk would eventually turn to having a baby.


I was well aware that my biological clock was tick, tick, ticking away.


Time was running out for me to have a baby and I was still on the fence. How was I going to make the right choice?

Instead of jumping to a decision, I decided to thoughtfully and methodically figure out the elusive answer to the never-ending question, “Should I have a baby?” so that we could finally put it to rest.

Before I completed my soul-searching and my research, I never actually declared that I wanted or didn’t want kids. I simply said that I didn’t know. I expected the advice, the guidance, and the guilt from people who wanted to help me make a decision, but then something happened that I didn’t expect.


A person told me if I didn’t want kids, I wasn’t a woman.


Let’s be honest. That hurt. I wasn’t a woman? Last time I checked, I was one. C’mon now. I’m not sure about a lot of things in life, but I know for sure I’m a woman.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but if that’s the treatment someone who was simply unsure about having a baby received, just think about people who definitely know they don’t want kids and decide to be childfree.

As I was doing my due-diligence, I came across a fabulous woman on Twitter (@unfruitfulwomb) and she recently wrote a post about her childfree life. She’s not only a great writer, but also a strong woman. I admire her and that’s why I wanted to bring you her struggle.

Definitely read unfruitful womb’s article. It’s a well-written piece that tackles the tough topic of being childfree in an upbeat and positive manner.

Whatever choices you’ve made or haven’t made yet, ensure you make your own decisions and they make you happy.

Thanks to @unfruitfulwomb for writing a brilliant article and to @ThatsCorey for publishing it!

Don’t forget to click this link to start reading. You can also click the image below!


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