Unemployed? 5 Toxic Things Worse Than Getting Laid Off

Unemployed? 5 Toxic Things Worse Than Getting Laid Off (And How You Can Face Them With A Smile!)

Unemployed woman upset at her computer

So you just got the axe. Or, maybe you’ve been unemployed or underemployed for a few days, weeks, months, or even years and it sucks.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there multiple times. What I’ve learned is each time is different depending on how you felt about your job, the company, your coworkers, etc.

How You Feel When You Get Laid Off

Even if you somehow felt the sense of impending doom coming, you’re never really prepared for when it actually happens, are you? I know I wasn’t.

So what’s a person supposed to do when you’ve put your heart and soul into a job and you get canned? Well, if we were to remove the fact that you’ve been professionally crushed and let down by your now-former employer, you would just update your resume and start the job hunt.

The problem with this answer is that you’re not a robot. Whether you knew it was coming or you were completely blindsided by the lay off, you’re going to need some time to recuperate and how to explain your unemployment to your next potential employer.

In the midst of all this unemployed chaos happening in your life, other people and feelings will emerge that may make this nightmare even worse for you.

Let’s seriously talk about the negative things that you could face after you get the axe. In some cases, these things could be MUCH worse than being let go from your job, unless you know how to handle them.

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7 Toxic Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

7 Toxic Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss


Or, 7 reasons why you should start searching for another job.

I get it.  Work is tough.  Work is exhausting.  Work can even be grueling.  Work is well… work.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who truly loves your job and can’t wait to start the day, kudos to you.  I’m jealous.

However, an informal survey taken over my 20 years of working says you’re in the minority.  If you, like me, feel otherwise about your job, it may not be something you pop out of bed for in the morning.

Despite the lackluster feelings you might have for your job, try to keep your opinions contained.  If you feel the need to vent (I know I do), try talking to your significant other, friends, former co-workers, or even a therapist.  You can feel secure knowing they have your best interests at heart.  In a nutshell, you can trust these folks.

As you’re figuring out whom you can turn to for support, here are seven things you should never ever – under any circumstances – say to your boss.

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Knowing When to Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job

Knowing When to Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job

me-expressing-daddy-issuesAs I was researching for my second book, I came across this article by Caroline Beaton on CreativeLive about what not to do when you hate your job.

In a nutshell, her three rules are:

1. Don’t quit.
2. Don’t actively look for jobs.
3. Don’t be a freelancer.

Let’s go point-by-point so I can explain why, in my opinion, her advice might not be right for you.  I know it wasn’t right for me.

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