Dealing With Difficult People

Are unhealthy relationships with toxic people driving you crazy, undermining your self-confidence, and causing your low self-esteem?

If so, keep reading.

This practical, no-nonsense, self-help guide to deal with difficult people will help you begin to transform your abusive relationships into healthier, more respectful, and manageable interactions.

This e-book will help you:
· Understand WHY negative people make your life miserable.
· Learn HOW to feel better.
· MANAGE (or even FIX!) your toxic relationships.
· And much more!

Gayle Katz has dealt with many difficult people, including her own father, so she can help because she understands what you’re going through. After thirty years of dealing with her father’s craziness, she knew there had to be a better way to make the hurt stop, build self-confidence, and still have a viable connection with him.

Forget all the people who haven’t been through the emotional wringer.

Gayle has firsthand experience wading through all the self-loathing her father could heap on her. She has come out the other side, and you can too. With this book at your side, let Gayle help you say goodbye to self-deprecation, despair, and misery and say hello to happiness, strength, and hope.

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